Why choose our broccoli & cauliflower?

Quality, efficiency & innovation. At Tikketai quality is non-negotiable.

We adhere to the following industry standards:

  • Global GAP Farmers (Good Agricultural Practices)
  • AVCASA approved pesticide use

Food Safety Assessment (FSA) Standards:

  • SANS 10049
  • ISO/TS 22002)
  • Codex Hazard Analysis Critical
  • Control Point Principles (HACCP)
  • Global Safety Initiative (GFSI)

Water Quality

Due to the deterioration of water quality in many areas in South Africa, we believe that because of the high-quality water from the Outeniqua mountains, the Southern Cape offers the best and safest location to produce fresh produce.

Our Product Lines

25000 units packed per day delivered to the best retailers in South Africa!

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