Kim sparks up Tikketai

Apr 3, 2023 | General

Kim Sparks has recently been appointed as Human Resources Coordinator at broccoli and cauliflower wholesaler, Tikketai. She lives by the rule that everyone is equal and that everyone can play a valuable role in making the Tikketai team successful.

Kim Sparks, from Mosselbaai, recently joined Tikketai as Human Resources Coordinator. She studied at Stellenbosch University and obtained her master’s degree in human resources. Her master’s thesis was based on workplace victimization, which is something she feels very strongly about. She started her career in Cape Town but recently returned to her hometown to be closer to her family.

Why Tikketai?

Her fiancé saw the advertisement for the position at Tikketai. I was very keen on applying because I could see that the position was for an HR generalist. “I don’t want to work in one specialized area of Human Resources only as it is a versatile field and I want to deal with every single aspect of HR”, she says. She further indicates that another attraction was the number of staff members at Tikketai. “At my previous workplace, there were about 200 people, but Tikketai has fewer employees, and this will allow me to get to know and focus more on each staff member and give them special attention.  

How will she spark it up?

Everyone is different and there is always a story and a reason behind a person’s behaviour at the workplace. So, if you know them well, you can manage the staff better. People don’t do things maliciously, there is always a reason. My objective is to build the type of relationship and open communication channels where employees can talk about things that can potentially affect the workplace and their performance in the workplace. This will enable me to empower or assist them as an individual”, she adds.

She strives to create an environment that will always ensure that Tikketai is experienced and seen as a good employer to its employees. I want to invest in the staff and add value in terms of training and development and employment equity. I want to focus on the individual to create a strong and driven team”, she says.

Tikketai CEO, Burger Gericke says that Kim is a perfect fit for their company culture. “At Tikketai we truly care for the individual and his or her well-being – even beyond the workplace. We are very excited about Kim as we believe that she will add further value as an extension of this approach”, he says.

Kim’s motto in life

She lives by the rule that everyone is equal, irrespective of their background, educational level, or position. 

“Everyone can play a valuable part in making a team successful and should therefore be treated in a dignified and respectful manner”, she states. Kim’s core values are integrity and honesty, and she will always be a whistle-blower for the good, righteous, ethical, and moral things. 

For fun

Kim loves to sing. She is a gospel vocalist and worship leader and her favourite song is No longer slaves by Bethel Music. This song continually reminds her that one doesn’t need to be afraid and that one can live in the knowledge that you are part of God’s plan and provision. Kim has a 10-year-old daughter and she loves eating broccoli.